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National Research Programs

Over the last few decades, the United States has experienced an escalating and worrisome trend in the incidence of problems associated with harmful and toxic algae in both marine and freshwater ecosystems. Formerly only a few regions were affected, but now virtually every coastal state is threatened, in many cases over large geographic areas and by more than one harmful or toxic species. Similarly all 50 U.S. states are impacted by cyanobacteria blooms in freshwater lakes and rivers.  Impacts include mass mortalities of wild and farmed fish and shellfish, human illness and death from contaminated shellfish or fish, death of wildlife and domestic animals, and alterations of marine habitats or trophic structure. Multiple and increasing economic, public health, and ecosystem impacts are strong practical motivations for coordinated and multidisciplinary research programs. Information regarding major national and international programs can be accessed below.

NOAA Competitive Research Programs Supporting Harmful Algal Bloom Research

Other National Research Programs Supporting Harmful Algal Bloom Research