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Federal Legislation related to HAB research and management

Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Act (HABHRCA)

In 1998, Congress recognized the severity of the threats posed by HABs and hypoxia, and authorized the Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Act, or HABHRCA (HABHRCA 1998; embedded in Public Law 105-383). Amendments enacted in 2004 (HABHRCA 2004, Public Law 108–456) and 2014 (HABHRCA 2014, Public Law 113–124).

In 2018, HABHRCA was reaffirmed (HABHRCA 2017, S. 2200) and this legislation expanded the mandate for NOAA to advance the scientific understanding and ability to detect, monitor, assess, and predict HAB and hypoxia events.

Reports and other documents mandated by HABHRCA can be accessed here.

Interagency Working Group

The Interagency Working Group on HABHRCA (IWG-HABHRCA) is tasked with coordinating and convening Federal agencies and their stakeholders to discuss HAB and hypoxia events in the United States, and to develop action plans and assessments of these situations. NOAA co-chairs the IWG-HABHRCA with NSTC/SOST and EPA. Other member agencies include: FDA, USDA, CDC, USACE, State Department, NASA, NPS, USGS, BOEM, Navy, NIEHS, and NSF.