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Commercial Services and Products

Below is a list of private companies that offer services, products, or technologies for for HAB sampling, toxin testing, species detection, and other related services.  Companies or individuals may be added or removed from this list by contacting the U.S. National HAB office here.

***Note that this list is not curated and the inclusion of a particular product or service does not convey and should not be interpreted as conveying approval, endorsement, or recommendation for use by NOAA or the National Office on Harmful Algal Blooms. If you wish to add your company to this listing, please send a message to


Services and Products

  • American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.: ARC offers a wide selection of carbon-14 and tritium labeled products, custom synthesis services using Carbon-14 and Tritium. Limited custom synthesis using 33P, 35S, 125I, and stable isotopes.
  • BBE: “Biological∙Biophysical∙Engineering” - Measuring instruments and software to assess and manage water quality. Instruments are made for use in oceanography, limnology, drinking water monitoring, river dam monitoring, bathing water analysis, supervision of aquaculture systems and environmental assessment.
  • Bigelow Analytical Services: Advanced technology available to local, national, and international researchers in all fields of study including marine chemistry, aquaculture, pharmacy, and fisheries.
  • Bioo Scientific: Biotechnology company that provides innovative solutions for food and feed safety testing and life science research. Offers MaxSignal® Domoic Acid (ASP) and Saxitoxin (PSP) ELISA Test Kits in a 96-well plate format.
  • Bio-Rad:  Develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. Customers include university and research institutions, hospitals, public health and commercial laboratories, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, as well as applied laboratories that include food safety and environmental quality.
  • Biosense Laboratories: Biosense Laboratories AS offers easy, fast and cost-effective tools to monitor and detect presence and effects of contaminants and toxins.
  • Cayman Chemical: High quality biochemicals, assay kits, antibodies, and contract services for custom chemical synthesis/analysis, assay development/screening, and drug discovery. 
  • Creative Diagnostics: Manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components, and critical assay reagents.
  • EOM Offshore: Providers of mooring design and data modelling, moorings, mooring logistics and oceanographic data collection solutions.
  • Eurofins Abraxis: Rapid environmental, food, and life sciences test systems, including immunochemistry products and methods, to meet the testing needs of research and industry.
  • EuroProxima: EuroProxima develops effective solutions for the analysis of food and feed samples including kits for natural and artificial contaminants including domoic acid, okadaic acid, and saxitoxin.
  • Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.: Particle analysis instrumentation based on digital imaging technology. Our flagship product, the FlowCam, is the first automated particle analysis instrument to use digital imaging for measuring size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium.
  • GreenWater Laboratories: Harmful algal bloom and algal toxin testing laboratory. 
  • Industrial Plankton: Industrial Plankton Inc. designs and manufactures turnkey bioreactors in Canada for clean, on-site, live plankton production for aquaculture, research lab, and biotechnology uses.
  • MARBIONC Development Group, LLC: “Marine Biotechnology in North Carolina” - Discovery, development and marketing of new products and technologies derived from living organisms found in the sea. Products include brevetoxins and toxin test kits.
  • MBio Diagnostics: MBio Diagnostics provides rapid, on-the-spot testing solutions for our global commercial partners. Our portable LightDeck® platform delivers panels of lab-quality results in minutes for critical applications in health care, veterinary, food and environmental industries.
  • McLane Research Laboratories, Inc.:  McLane manufactures time-series oceanographic profilers, samplers, and flotation. Our objective is to enable worldwide investigators to achieve their research and scientific goals by providing advanced, cost-effective instrumentation and mooring products. Products include the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) and Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB).
  • Neogen Corporation: Neogen® markets and develops seafood and shellfish tests, in addition to other food safety products, services and expertise. Neogen offers both on-site testing for marine biotoxins and external laboratory testing to detect ASP, DSP and PSP toxins. All tests are compatible with FDA and EU commission permitted levels. 
  • PhycoTech, Inc.: PhycoTech is an environmental consulting company specializing in the analysis of freshwater and marine algae, zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, and bacteria. We provide customers with a wide variety of related services, including permanently mounted, archival slides of both algae and zooplankton. 
  • Phytoxigene: Molecular detection and quantification of biotoxin-producing genes.
  • Qiagen: Delivers Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing and provides sample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics, applied testing, academic and pharmaceutical research. 
  • Resource Access International, LLC: Consulting and laboratory testing for marine biotoxins and environmental field studies for governments, universities, researchers, and industry.
  • Scotia Rapid Testing: Bio-tech company that produces rapid screen tests to detect the marine biotoxins responsible for paralytic, amnesic, and diarrhetic poisoning in shellfish, phytoplankton, and lobster.
  • Sea-Gear Corporation: Marine sampling equipment including specialized plankton nets.
  • SeaTox Research, Inc.: Biotechnology research and development company focused on drug discovery of natural products and bioassay development for marine toxins.
  • Turner Designs: Sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use fluorometers for environmental and industrial uses; measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds; in-depth instrument support and devices designed to enhance simplicity and improve quality.
  • YSI: Part of Xylem Analytics and a leading provider of water measurement solutions. Products provide high quality, high resolution data to better understand and manage our water resources.
  • Zeulab: Biotechnology company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of in vitro diagnostic tests for food and environmental applications.


Additional Resources

  • ARC - “Algal Resources Collection” hosted by MARBIONC at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Large volume of cultures for toxin analysis and/or DNA extraction, Toxicological bioassays, Phytoplankton quantification, DNA sequencing, and HPLC pigment analysis.
  • National Algae Association: Algae bloom & HAB researchers, remediation technologies and stakeholders collaborating to find holistic end-to-end proven, eco-friendly remediation technologies that can be immediately deployed.


Certified Reference Materials

  • National Research Council Canada: The National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Metrology Research Centre prepares high-quality and reliable certified reference materials (CRMs) for industrial and academic research.