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Taxonomic Identification of Harmful Algae in U.S. Marine Waters Course

Effective monitoring and management of harmful algal blooms (HABs) relies on accurate and timely identification of the species involved. The classic method of detection is microscopic examination for HA species based on morphological characteristics. The rapidly expanding harmful algae taxonomy field, retirement of many ‘classical’ taxonomists, lack of dedicated U. S. harmful algae taxonomic and identification training programs, and increased use of non-traditional methods of harmful algae identification all contribute to an increasing need for comprehensive training for U.S. harmful algae managers, scientists and technicians. This course will provide expert training and a certificate of proficiency in harmful algae identification, based on light microscopy, and provide familiarity with alternate identification technologies.

DATES: August 15-27, 2023 (inclusive of travel days)

LOCATION: Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Research and Education campus in East Boothbay, ME

FOR: local, state, tribal and federal, and international Harmful Algal Bloom managers and analysts who would benefit from expert training in HAB taxonomic identification

COST: $3,500 (covers course material, housing and meals, but not travel) For more information and registration guidance, please visit our webpage:

DEADLINE: application submissions are due May 1st.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please email:; or call (207) 315-2567 ext. 1